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Snow and bad weather

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the pupils and staff. The decision to close the school will take account of the safety of all our pupils and staff, some of whom travel a great distance to school each day. We will always endeavour to open the school in the event of bad weather, as long as it is safe to do so. If the school is open in snow or bad weather the decision as to whether or not to send a pupil to school, however, must be at the discretion of the parents, taking into account factors such as local road conditions and the availability of child-care.


In the event of bad weather, parents should check whether the school is open before travelling to the site. There are a number of ways to confirm whether the school is open or closed.


 Listen for lists of school closures on local radio.

o for instance; BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8FM

 Check the list of school closures on the Wirral County Council Website:

 Check the school website and your mobile phone as we may have been able to update the school website or we may have sent you a text to update you on the school’s closure.


If the school is closed, we will try and make a decision as early as possible, and will intend to reopen as soon as we can. If the school does open, but extreme weather develops during the day, we will aim to remain open until the end of the normal school day at 3.30pm. However this is not always possible when roads are becoming treacherous. In which case parents will be contacted via our texting service and asked to collect their children as soon as possible. Under these conditions we will take verbal permission for their child/children to be collected by a nominated adult. Normal lessons may be curtailed and the remaining pupils assembled in groups under the supervision of authorised members of staff to await collection.


Staff will always make every reasonable effort to undertake the journey to school. It is appreciated that the journey may take longer than normal and therefore some staff may not be able to arrive before the normal start of the school day. It may also be necessary to ask all children to bring packed lunches if the kitchen staff are unable to reach school safely.




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