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Goal 6 - Competent to explore & discover within Forest School

First milestone: "Children are supported to wear appropriate clothes for outdoors. They access the outdoor environment happily, developing increased confidence in movement."

happy running 2.jpeg happy running.jpeg running 2.jpeg
running 3.jpeg running.jpeg explore.jpeg

Second milestone: "Children willingly access outdoor provision in all weathers and are helped to wear appropriate clothing. With encouragement and support children use a range of equipment safely and appropriately."

slide 2.jpeg slide.jpeg sweeping.jpeg

Third Milestone: "Children access a range of outdoor environments, including the Orchard Area. They are developing more confidence with self-help skills and are able to assist with dressing in appropriate clothing. Children readily explore and access a range of equipment appropriate to their age and stage of development, supported by skilled staff."

happy.jpeg mud 5.jpeg mud exploration.jpeg



Fourth Milestone: "Children access outdoor provision on the site. They dress in clothes appropriate for the weather, becoming more independent with self-care. Children develop confidence and independence in accessing a range of activities and resources, including Mud Kitchen and begin to initiate and drive their own learning and development."

mud.jpeg dress.jpeg cooking apples.jpeg
apples.jpeg mud 2.jpeg  

Fifth Milestone: "Children are supported to access the Forest School environment and activities. They adhere to the behavioural expectations outlined by the Forest School leaders and engage in all activities, developing an understanding of appropriate risk."

Final Milestone: "Children are able to dress appropriately to access outdoor provision. They confidently and independently access the activities and resources available to them in Forest School using tools and equipment safely. Children take appropriate risks and embrace challenges, experiencing regular successes. They develop a strong and positive relationship with the natural world."

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