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Goal 2 - Follow a recipe

Milestone 1 "With support, children will engage in sensory play, including: sand, water, dough and paint. They will explore using their hands and will use tools to manipulate materials, e.g.: wooden spoons, scoops, sieves, cutters, child safe knives etc. They follow the expectations of setting e.g. wearing an apron."

water 1.JPG water 2.png pumkin scoop.jpeg

Second milestone: "Children will engage in exploratory play with a wider variety of materials e.g. jelly, ice etc. and begin to combine different materials to create new textures e.g. sand in paint; flour and water; ice and paint etc. Children access a wide range of tools to manipulate materials, becoming more confident in transferring and transporting materials."

mixng.jpeg pouring.jpeg  

Third Milestone: "In a small group, children make playdough with an adult who draws attention to the recipe card. With support children use utensils to add in the ingredients required, tipping and mixing when prompted.  Children can manipulate the dough in different ways e.g. during ‘dough disco’ activities. Children can replicate skills within messy play areas."

making dough 1.jpg making dough 2.jpg making dough 3.jpg
making dough 4.jpg making dough 5.jpg dough disco 1.jpg
poke 2.jpg pinch.jpg roll.jpg
pinch.jpg squash.jpg  


Milestone 4 "Children will help to prepare healthy snacks, learning how to use tools safely and effectively, following verbal instruction reinforced with visual cues. E.g. preparing fruits / vegetables and placing the correct number of pieces on a plate; spreading butter on a cracker and placing it on a plate."


cooking club website 1.jpg cooking club website 3.jpg cooking club website 4.jpg
cooking club website 5.jpg Cooking club website 6.jpg  




Milestone 5 "Children take part in small group cooking activities and parent workshops. Adults will draw attention to quantities and measurements, encouraging children to become more accurate in their use of utensils and encouraging accuracy when counting."


apples 1.jpg apples 2.jpg DSC06013.JPG


Final Milestone: "Children follow the steps of a recipe independently. They measure ingredients, mix and manipulate ingredients and are aware of healthy options." 

samosa 2(1).jpg samosa 3(1).JPG samosa 1.jpeg
pizza recipe.jpeg pizza ingredients.jpeg cooked pizzas.jpeg
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