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Forest School

Our Forest School Vision:

Forest School is held outdoors in the woodland environment to the front and side of the school site. Our aim is to offer ALL children outdoor learning experiences and opportunities to enhance and complement all aspects of the curriculum and strengthen each child’s social, emotional and physical development. Through careful observations and evaluations of the children the activities will be set with each individual child in mind to enable them to progress according to their own needs and interests. They will be given opportunities to explore, find their own limitations, make choices, think deeply and learn to know when it is safe to take risks. In addition to learning practical skills such as knot tying, using tools and den building, the children will learn to care for and appreciate the natural environment. Forest School activities will challenge the children but enable them to succeed and achieve to develop their confidence, self- esteem and independence.

Forest School Leaders:

Our Forest School leaders have undertaken recognised Forest School accreditation at level 3.

The role of the Forest School Leader:

  • To facilitate - not there to instruct children but to support and encourage.

  • To ensuring that children's needs are met, including toileting, sustenance, hygiene, clothing, rest and emotional well-being

  • To develop familiar routines and rituals as well as the social and physical boundaries necessary to ensure that play is as safe as possible. Leaders will use a range of approaches to ensure that all children are familiar with these boundaries, including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues.  Boundaries will include: Site boundaries; safety procedures; Health and Hygiene; Routines; Behavioural expectations; Respect.

  • To support children to feel part of the community and to develop healthy attachments which foster love, care, compassion, companionship and affection

  • To develop and promote children’s emotional well-being including: self-awareness; managing emotions;  motivation;  community; compassion; communication; companionship - as children develop their sense of community they will also have opportunities to develop companionship.

  •  To facilitate positive experiences and memories for children, including:  Adventure and Activity; Acceptance; Appreciation; Attitude; Action.

  • Designing and delivering provision that promotes all of the above and gives children the opportunity to succeed and to 'shine'.

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Mrs H Saville

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Mrs S Booth

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Mrs N Povey

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