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Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage 

We are not driven by assessment and tracking and all assessment must support children’s learning and development. Most assessment is formative, so that it quickly helps us to make a difference to children’s learning. However, we also need to have an overview of children’s progress, so that we can take further actions where needed, and so that we can monitor equalities. Our aim is for the system to be proportionate, and to ensure it is not overly burdensome.

Senior leaders work with class teachers and the whole team to analyse information in order to take action for individual children, or groups of children, as needed.

Our objectives:

  • Ongoing communication with parents, so that we can work in partnership to support children’s learning at home and in the nursery
  • To communicate with children, focusing on how they learn, to promote metacognitive thinking
  • Early identification of children who need temporary extra help, and children who may have Special Educational Needs
  • Checking that individual children, and groups of children, are making progress and taking prompt action where this is not the case
  • Reporting formally to parents and to the receiving F2 teacher in the summer so that children can continue their learning journey through the EYFS as seamlessly as possible.


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Every child at nursery has a Key Person who will spend quality time getting to know their key children and families. This trusting relationship helps children to settle into nursery and grow in confidence in their new environment. Using their knowldge of child development and key checkpoints, your child’s Key Person will take note of your child’s achievements in each of the areas of learning and consider the possible next steps for your child. This informs our planning and ensures that every child’s needs and interests are met. Every term you will receive a photo journal update via Evidence Me and will be invited to contribute to your child’s progress review. You can also send in your own photographs and comments about learning at home, which we will look forward to reading about - you are your child’s most important educators and we value your contributions to your child’s learning journey. 

Each child’s development is unique and special!


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