Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision: Aiming high together


Our Mission: Inspire and challenge to ensure successful futures


Our Core Values: 










This year Somerville Federation has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be involved in the Sycol education programme, led by Dr Ioan Rees. Embarking on this three year Sycol programme has been instrumental in supporting us as we continually seek to move our school forward.

All our school staff and governors worked together at the start of the year to agree on our school vision, mission and core values which are firmly established in the heart of everything we do and are shared with pupils, parents and carers. With our vision, mission and core values in mind staff and governors identify and work on focused areas of improvement collaboratively and efficiently.

You may have spotted some of our staff wearing bright green lanyards! These indicate the staff leading the Sycol programme within school. If you would like to more about this exciting project please do not hesitate to ask one of the Sycol leads.