Teaching Staff

Mr Forber

Executive Headteacher of Somerville Federation.

Somerville Federation Executive Team

Mr Forber, Executive Headteacher. Mrs Parry, Deputy Headteacher.

Mrs Kell, Assistant Headteacher of Somerville Nursery School. Mrs Speight, Assistant Headteacher of KS2

Mrs Higby, Assistant Headteacher of KS1 and Foundation 2.

Somerville Federation Senior Management Team is composed of the Executive Team and 

Mrs Holland, SEND Inclusion Manager. Miss Crampton, Social Inclusion Manager and Miss Wright, School Business Manager.

Teaching Staff

Foundation 2

Mrs L Delisle

H. Butterfield - On maternity leave

Mrs L Muspratt

Mrs S L Evans

Mrs F Morris - Foundation 2 Team Leader

Mr M Williams 

Year 1

Miss R Cheesman

Mrs L Pike

Mrs L Shilcock

Mrs E Stevenson   - Year 1 Team Leader                                             

Year 2

Mrs K Connolly – Year 2 Team Leader

Miss J Price

Miss D Johns

Year 3

Miss A Sandles – Year 3 & 4 Team Leader

Mrs K Sloan

Miss A Carlyle

Year 4

Mr Beacall

Miss C Higby - Assistant Headteacher of Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1

Miss N Gregory

Year 5

Miss P McInnes - Leave of absence

Mrs D Renshaw

Mrs R Hayes

Mr A Brown (Supply)

Mr A Shennan

Year 6

Mrs V Melvin 

Mrs C Speight - Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Team Leader

Mrs N Fossett and Mrs E Williams

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs S Holland


Teaching Assistants

Foundation 2

Mrs J Gleeson

Mrs A Quest

Miss L Murray

Miss K Fanning

Year 1

Mrs J Usher

Mrs A Jaggard

Mrs K Swannick

Year 2

Mrs D Norris

Miss R Brislen

Mrs E Delius

Years 3 & 4

Mr I White

Mrs C Macdonald

Mr C Cuthbert

Years 5 and 6

Mrs S Williams

Mrs C Little

Miss C Butt

Miss S Jones

Mrs J Thompson


PE Apprentices

Miss S Bailey


Other Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Darwent